Fleet Tracking

Using sophisticated trackers, TracQit offers reliable and flexible fleet management services across various industries. Our fleet tracking solution is designed to protect drivers and mobile asset, improve work efficiency, enforce restriction during working, and offer good visibility of itinerary. The fuel monitoring feature can help monitor fuel efficiency and set benchmark for efficient driving style making your organisation greener.

Our system is a great tool which can be used to keep track of maintenance of all vehicles. Fleet managers will receive email alert when maintenance is due. The system is also capable of monitoring other vehicle diagnostic data via the OBD connection and triggering alarms when a pre-configured threshold has been reached or exceeded.


Real time vehicle tracking:
Locate your vehicle fleet online and access full historical data. Playback your vehicles’ itinerary for the past 6 months.

Out of hours report:
The system will report on non-authorized vehicle usage outside of working hours, ensuring that the driver parks the vehicle at the right location when not on duty.

Speed report:
Report vehicle speed.

Vehicle maintenance:
Alert via email when maintenance is due for vehicle

Driver behaviour:
Harsh breaking and acceleration report

Fatigue management:
Ensure driver take adequate rest breaks by setting alert on maximum driving time without break. Generate alerts for non-compliant drivers.

Fuel report:
Monitor fuel consumption, report fuel provision and theft.

Fuel efficiency report:
Compare drivers fuel efficiency reports.


  • Efficient use of company asset
  • Reduced unauthorized usage during working hours
  • Reduced mileage per vehicle
  • Maintenance/service are carried out regularly and at correct time, helping to keep mobile asset in good condition
  • Driver security
  • Driver working hours recording